Difference between haram and halaal in Islam

*Difference between haram and halaal in Islam*
*Ummul Kher*

*”Halal” as used by Arabs and Muslims, refers to anything that is considered permissible and lawful under religion while "haram” refers to what is forbidden and punishable by Islamic law. And in Muslim life, every aspect of life is regulated by Islamic law. It is because this religion is pure and sacred and always follows and maintains things which are Halal and considered by Islamic law rather than ignoring all the haram things and even animals like the meat of dead animals, the meat of swine (pig) including all its products, the meat of animals that was not blessed by Allah just like reptiles, snakes, crocodiles etc. They should always be careful before eating or using anything knowing the basic information about the products whether it is pure and halal or not and whether one can use it or not. Especially Muslims should always ignore things made by using animal portions as it is strictly prohibited by Islamic law. Even the meat which is mostly consumed by the Muslims whether in our daily life or our festivals should be Halal before consuming. As mentioned in the Quran, Allah says: ” Eat of that over which the name of Allah hath been mentioned if ye are believers in His revelations”. (chapter 6, verse 118). Allah has provided everything good to consume by doing halal and prohibited all the harmful things that affect our health considered as haram. It is not just food products but also other things beyond food products like chemical products for skin, medicines and other cosmetics etc. And a religious Muslim must always be aware of impure ingredients used in the cosmetic industry especially used by the girls such as skin products, deodorants and other cosmetics that make the body as well as the clothing impure as it contains impure alcohol.*
*There are several benefits of Halal food products, skin care products and other cosmetics which is preferred by the Muslims not just because of being Muslim but it is proved scientifically. By choosing to follow Halal product is sincerity and also a source of earning goods deeds from God (Allah) not only Muslims but even other tribes should try to follow and adopt in their lives. As halal meat contains the highest concentration of all the great things. It is considered healthy for the mind and body. It is a safer way to eat as by doing Halal all the harmful substances are drained from the meat. It protects us from various diseases which are harmful to our health which allows our organs to functions smoothly. As it has become free from alcohol, impurities, blood and harmful diseases and allows one to have a well-developed body and mind. And when a person consumes food that is forbidden in Islam such as alcohol, pork, and other dead animals etc certain diseases occur in their body. It does not affect one person by those who consume it in their daily life assuming anything which affects one’s body will also affect their mind and spirit. It will also divert their focus away from the remembrance and obedience of Allah. As even mentioned in the Quran ” The Shaytan only desire to stir up enmity and hatred between you means intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and the prayer. So will you be of those who obtain?” (Al-Quran 5:91). Hence, by all these, Muslims must know that no matter whatever the society around you are doing whether with a good intention or with a good purpose but if the thing is considered haram will not be acceptable by Islamic culture. And Allah will not forgive anything considered haram in Islam.*


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